First in Search, a leader in the SEO industry has always proven to do wonders with the search rankings of their clients websites. Now they have added more products that will help their clients get mobile. A mobile website is important for any business. Browsers on smart phone, ipads, and other small mobile devices are not capable of showing a website properly. There just isn’t enough screen real estate to handle the website resolution.

First in Search sees the problem that browsers are having with websites and has started to develop mobile website design to fix the problem. For as little as $187, First in Search will take your existing website and create a website that closely matches it and provides a much friendlier mobile look. Mobile users what the information as fast and easy as possible to find, so it is always a good idea to eliminate some of the clutter on your site and just offer the most important information.

Give First in Search a call at 602-404-2988 if you are interested in a mobile website for your current website.

Do you spend part of your day looking at all the deals that come through from the daily deal sites? I know I did until I found I was looking forward to the emails everyday from the deal sites only to see deals that don’t want or deals that aren’t targeted to my area.

With you see all the deals that are in your area and you get all the deals for only $9.96 for 90 days. I haven’t been able to find another site on the internet that is offering the same type of deal. I was just a little worried whether the site was for real or not, but for $9.96 what did I have to loose? So I went ahead and made the purchase and sure enough it was real. The first place I went to use the coupon I asked them what they thought of and they were really happy and told me that they have had a really good response from it, and everyone using the coupon seemed to be really happy about having them.

So if you spend part of your day looking at daily deal sites, stop and just purchase a coupon bundle at

If you are looking for a furnished place to stay while in Phoenix, Scottsdale or the surrounding area try our favorite vacation rental company when your looking for a Phoenix Vacation Rental with Arizona Lodging Experts. They have properties all over the valley in Arizona. Check out their large homes with heated pools and premier locations.

I enjoy swimming but it is a struggle to keep my pool from turning green. I guess that is a downside to living in the desert. The sun quickly burns away the chlorine in my pool and before I know it, it is green. I have used chemicals from multiple pool supply companies, and have even tried purchasing the chemicals from large stores like Home Depot and Lowes. I have since decided that hiring a company to take care of my pool was the way to. I did a search for Arizona Pool Service and found Captain Clear Pool Service. They were quick to answer, set up an appointment with me to come and evaluate my pool. They were very professional, and gave me a price that I thought was a great price. $89 to do weekly service on my 18,000 gallon pool.  Now I can swim and enjoy the pool without having to work on it all the time.